This is the ULCC secure transactions server.

Making a secure transaction over the internet, such as a credit card purchase, requires two things: Secure transport, and secure storage.

This web server uses SSL which enables secure, encrypted transport of sensitive information from you to us. But security doesn't begin and end there, and we do much more to ensure that your data is safe.

Unfortunately many web design companies think that SSL is a magic wand which makes a website "secure". It is not. SSL secures the information while it is in transit, but what happens when it reaches its destination? With many companies, its destination is a totally insecure server, an easy target. This is why you hear news stories of kids breaking into servers and getting 25,000 credit card numbers in one go.

Secure storage of your details is paramount, and actually far more important than secure transit. After all, why would a hacker go to the hassle of intercepting one credit card submission, when he can break into an insecure server and get thousands?

At ULCC, we have a disciplined attitude toward server security, and the knowledge and experience to prevent most types of attack. We take great care to ensure that your data is not just secure while in transit, but remains secure for as long as it exists on our servers.

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This server uses the Apache web server with Ralf S. Engelschall's mod_ssl extension and the OpenSSL toolkit.